Important Points about MA CPS Mumbai

The origins of the College go back to the year 1913. In 1913 the British Govt. through his Governor gave an assent to start such an institution in consonance with the “Royal College of Surgeons of England”. Dr. Rajab Ali Patel the then Indian Doctor agreed to establish such a college by dropping the prefix ROYAL and hence the birth of the institution “college of Physicians and Surgeons” now popularly known as CPS took place. Initially it was registered under the Bombay Society Act of 1860 on March 1913. vide Annex—(1). Established as a sister institute similar to the Royal College of Surgeons in London which dates back to the 14 th century and was bestowed a further charter in 1843 granting it the present title of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Up to 1875 training of “Hospital Assistants” was carried out at the Grant Medical School Mumbai, and the duration was only 3 years. The course was academically poor with several glaring infirmities. The University of Bombay discontinued and abolished the degree of L.M. & S. at the same time. In March 1912, the then Surgeon-General H.W. Stevenson addressed a letter to the distinguished leaders of the Medical Profession. He wrote…”I am writing this letter to focus your attention on the situation that has arisen following the abolition of L.M. & S. of the Bombay University and that there is a need for qualification in Medicine and Surgery, which may be taken by those who desire to become Medical Practitioners, but who may not be able to afford the expenditure of time and money necessary to take a University Degree.” Further in the letter he stated that College of Physicians and Surgeons should be developed on the lines of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Dr. A.V.Baliga LCPS. had been one of the early students of CPS even without MBBS. He later obtained FRCS and was a teacher and examiner with the University of Bombay.

On 21st April 1912 a meeting of the committee was called to discuss the proposal for forming a college. The proposal was put to vote and passed unanimously. It was also decided that college should function as Registered Society. Steps were, therefore, taken to register it under SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT XXI OF 1860 and documents were signed to that effect on 4th March 1913. This day deserves to be written in golden letters in the Annals of CPS.

Surgeon General H W. Stevenson was unanimously elected as Founder President.

Dr. Temulji B. Nariman and Col. C. H. L. Meyer were elected as Vice-Presents. The college committee converted itself into the first Council of the college. Then the constitution was drafted and passed unanimously.

Administration Office:

CPS is situated in the prime locality of Mumbai near KEM Hospital, Parel and its office comprises of an area of approximately 80,000 sq. feet in a five storied building having different departments and the department heads run the day to day activities of CPS.

The CPS is having 4 lecture halls, 4 examination halls which accommodate nearly 500 students at a time. Even the DNB examinations are held in the CPS twice in a year.

Comparison between ROYAL COLLEGE and CPS.

CPS of Bombay Degrees comparison Royal college of England
LCPS Licentiate Similar to LRCP/LRCS
MCPS Membership Similar to MRCP/MRCS
FCPS Fellowship Similar to FRCS

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Applications are invited by Jagjivan Ram Hospital; Mumbai Central; for admission to PG graduate & diploma courses of college of physicians & surgeons, Mumbai. Seats available: 1. Orthopedics: 1 post 2. OBG: 1 post 3. Pathology: 1 post 4. Psychiatry- 1 post Eligibility: Candidates should be a MBBS graduate & that is recognized by Maharashtra […]

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