Important Points about Acid Base Electrolytes

Study Materials related to Acid Base Electrolytes

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Osmolal Gap

Osmolal Gap is the difference between measured serum osmolality and calculated serum osmolality. It is typically calculated as: OG = measured serum osmolality – (2 X serum sodium + serum glucose + serum urea) Where: * 2 X serum sodium + serum glucose + serum urea = the calculated serum osmolality and all measures are […]

Anion Gap HAGMA LAGMA and NAGMA !!!

Blood has a lot of Cations Blood has a lot of Anions Total charge of Anions = Total Charge of Cations So Na + K + Unmeasured Cations = HCO3 + Cl + unmeasured AnionsRearrangingNa + K – (HCO3 + Cl) = Unmeasured Anions – Unmeasured CationsAnion Gap = Unmeasured Anions – Unmeasured Cations Anion […]

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