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AIIMS says can’t hold common test CET NEET

AIIMS says : “We can’t conduct common entrance test”
The Official Reason given is that they are unable to conduct a test for 21000 seats
We do not believe this reason

In what way does the number of seats make a difference ?
It is DGHS who is going to allot the seats
So, whether the admission is for 21 seats or 21000 seats, AIIMS should be least bothered as it is the duty and responsibility of DGHS to conduct counseling and it is not the responsibility of AIIMS to conduct counseling

AIIMS Should be worried only about the number of candidates appearing and not the number of candidates who are going to be selected
So, the reason given here is NOT True
Something is being hidden

What is it ??
Is it that AIIMS does not want CET

If so, what is the reason AIIMS does not want CET
Is it that AIIMS wants to retain the same selection process of selecting students based on their exam and not CET

If that be the case, then every other institute will refuse to conduct CET and in the end, it will be the National Board who will be asked to do it 🙂 🙂

Update 19th October 2011 : As we had predicted, the National Board for Examination (NBE) will be roped in to conduct the test in 2013. And the official news is No CET / NEET / common PG medical entrance test next year 2012

From http://www.asianage.com/india/aiims-says-can-t-hold-common-test-557

The ambitious proposal to hold Common Entrance Test (CET) for post-graduate (PG) medical students from next year seems to have hit the wall.
After receiving support from most of the states, the Medical Counicl of India (MCI) had approached the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for holding the test for post graduate students. However, it is learnt that AIIMS has expressed its inability to conduct it.
Sources in the ministry disclosed that in a recent meeting held in the health ministry, AIIMS, which conducts PG entrance for 50 per cet of government seats, has expressed reluctance in holding the exam for the whole country. Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad will now hold a meeting with the officials of MCI and AIIMS and take a finall call.

No CET / NEET / common PG medical entrance test next year 2012

No CET / NEET / common PG medical entrance test next year 2012

“As of now, AIIMS is reluctant as according to them they do not have enough manpower to hold it for the whole nation,” sources said. Health ministry officials said that at present, AIIMS hold All-India PG entrance test on behalf of DGHS for 50 per cent of the government seats which comes to around 4,000 seats. “However, conducting it for the country, including the private colleges, would mean CET for 21,000 seats. They have therefore expressed their inability,” added sources.
For the under graduates medical students, MCI has asked the CBSE for conducting it. Mooted by the earlier MCI board in 2010, the CET has been into controversy ever since. Earlier ,tussle between the MCI and the health ministry sprung up after the former issued notification on CET without taking approval from the health ministry. The health ministry later came into the picture and stuck the notification calling it as invalid.
Officials said that they are hopeful regarding the PG students too.


  1. When govenment n mci wil stop playing games? if they knew they cant conduct any cet wats the VISION they call abt ?but only one thing they hav acheived BLINDING THE ALREADY STRESSED MIND!

  2. dis is correption in another form ,50%of seats ll sold like fish in privat colleges all over india
    money involved is astronomical……….tey can go us n get treated by real docs

  3. Oh…why this people are so interested in bringing up NEET……exam ll be conducted all over india and we people can get seat anywhere in north or in oter states that we not only hav to put in hard work in medicine but also have to suffer wit language problem…..already am having tis language prob as just shifted to middle india few months back………

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