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Last Week Check List : For those appearing for CET NEET AIPG 2014

Last Week Check List : For those appearing for CET NEET AIPG 2014

AIIMS Nov 2013 Questions Answer Key by Pozitive : eBook

Fully Solved AIIMS Nov 2013 Answer Key by Pozitive : eBook

POZITIVE have come up with their Solutions for AIIMS Nov 2013. The questions are memory recollected. 197 Questions are given. 3 Questions are not included. Choices are not given for 10 ten questions. Only answers are given. References are not given. Explanations are not included. Another Book with detailed explanation will be published next week.

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Last Week Check List : For those appearing for CET NEET AIPG 2014

Last Week Check List : For those appearing for CET NEET AIPG 2014

This is my opinion
If your opinion differs, you can do what is best suited for you

What? How? What not to do during the last week before the exam

Extra Academic

  • Decide where you are going to stay. Get those facts right now before one week.
  • Check whether you have got your hall ticket. If not communicate to the concerned authorities. Read the details given in the hall ticket and the prospectus ONCE AGAIN.
  • Check whether the exam needs Pen or Pencil. Get 2 (or 3) pens ready. If the exam needs pencil, get 2 pencils, an eraser (which does not leave mark on the paper – check it now – not on the answer sheet) and a sharpener. In few exams, a pen will be given to you by the authorities themselves
  • Pack these and the hall ticket and anything you may need and (if you have a special dress for exams, as most people have – pack that too) now itself. Keep your journey (to and fro) ticket along with these.
  • If you search for all these just an hour before the start of the journey, it may lead to tension and this is a tension which you can easily avoid. Tension at the last moment is not going to do your confidence any good.
  • Don’t leave these vital things which (may appear insignificant now, but will occupy the whole of your mind , if not properly planned for and) may significantly affect your PERFORMANCE



  • Don’t read text books to learn new concepts.
  • Don’t spend too much time with explanations.
  • All you want to know in the final week is the answers
  • What not to be done : Don’t waste your time to topics like “the question will be tough”,  “the question will be easy!, “the question is out !!”,  “he/she is not here – gone to get the question paper!!!”
  • Listen to only Academic discussions…… If you are preparing with a group, it is better to get away from the group and become “solitary” in the final week. It may sound odd, but this is a practical problem and I have seen most aspirants getting depressed after hearing such kinds of news.
  • Make a List of Books that you may want to revise at the last moment. Keep the list in your Travel Bag so that you are able to pack those books at the last moment.

We will post “What ?, How ?, What not to do during the last day Before the exam” on 23rd November and “How many questions to answer” on 24th November 🙂
Stay tuned

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