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"Declare PG admission test results invalid"

From http://www.hindu.com/2006/04/02/stories/2006040214440400.htm

CHENNAI: The Doctors’ Association for Social Equality (DASE) has demanded that results of the all India postgraduate admission test held on January 8 be declared invalid.

G.R. Ravindranath, DASE secretary, told presspersons here on Saturday that the association would organise a demonstration to press for this demand and for the abolition of the all India quota system, in front of Memorial Hall here on Wednesday at 4.30 p.m.

“A CBI inquiry has pointed to large scale malpractices in the exam, for which results were released on February 15,” said Mr. Ravindranath.

The association has demanded that the Central Government abolish the All India Quota System in medical education.

Under the system, half of all postgraduate seats and one-fourth of undergraduate seats in medical education institutions have to be allotted to candidates from outside the State.

The association said 400 seats were given under the all India quota whereas Tamil Nadu doctors had fewer seats to try for outside the State.

The system was against the tenets of social justice as there are no reservations for any disadvantaged community.

The quota ate into the number of seats reserved for those in government service too, said members of the association.

The demonstration will also press for transparency during counselling, reservation in postgraduate medical studies, giving permanent employee status to doctors appointed on temporary basis and cancellation of service tax for doctors.

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