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Comparing DMRD and MD SPM

Comparing DMRD and MD SPM

Comparing DMRD and MD SPM

Comparing DMRD and MD SPM

At the outset, please be clear that,

  • The field you like is better
  • If you like both fields equally, in general opinion, MD Radio is Better than MD SPM

After DMRD…..

1. You set up a private practise
You will get lots of cases, but have to work hard.
Second Opinions Are given to MD Radio and Not DMRD

2. You work in a Corporate Hospital
YOu will hardly become the head of the dept. They will always like to publish a MD Radio as their Consultant Radiologist and DMRD will be the Jr.Resident or Duty Radiologist. Don’t worry You will be called at nights for emergencies and paid Rs 250, (for driving up 3 AM in the night) but the next day, the MD Radio will come in the morning (for his usual rounds) and repeat the scan and get Rs 500

3. You enter Govt Service
You will have to attend the emergencies, but will not become a professor or HOD

It is MD Radio that is respected in Corporate or Govt Setup

After MD SPM –> Please read¬†Scope of MD SPM in Tamil Nadu – What to do after DPH , MD Community Medicine

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