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Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias Fear Of Accidents – Dystychiphobia. Air – Anemophobia. Air Swallowing – Aerophobia. Airborne Noxious Substances – Aerophobia. Airsickness – Aeronausiphobia. Alcohol – Methyphobia / Potophobia. Alone – Autophobia / Monophobia. Alone and Solitude – Isolophobia. Amnesia – Amnesiphobia. Anger – Angrophobia / Cholerophobia. Angina – Anginophobia. Animals – Zoophobia. Animals – Doraphobia. […]

Milestones in Neuropsychiatry

Milestones in Neuropsychiatry 1681 – Thomas Willis coined the term “Neurology” 1695 – Humphrey Ridley published “The Anatomy of the Brain” 1808 – German physician Johann Christian Reil (1759-1813) coined the term “Psychiatrist” based on the greek word meaning “healing the soul” 1812 – Benjamin Rush published the first American textbook on psychiatry entitled “Medical […]

REM, NREM, Slow Wave, N3 Sleep in 17th and 18th edition of Harrison

Dear Doctors, Greetings from POSITIVE. Sleep and the 18th edition of Harrison 17th edition of Harrison-CHAPTER Sleep Disorders: Introduction * Normal nocturnal sleep in adults displays a consistent organization from night to night . After sleep onset, sleep usually progresses through NREM stages 1–4 within 45–60 min. * Slow-wave sleep (NREM stages 3 and 4) […]

Hallucinations… Please don’t be under an Illusion !!!!

Question from AIPG(All India PG) 2003 and the related discussion 105. All of the following are features of hallucinations, except: 1.It is independent of the will of the observer.2.Sensory organs are not involved.3.It is a vivid as that in a true sense perception.4. It occurs in the absence of perceptual stimulus. Ans. 2——————-Sensory ORGANS are […]

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