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AIIMS PGI Crash Course at Chennai : OHC 5 : Operation Harri Capsule by Pozitive Positive

AIIMS PGI Crash Course at Chennai : OHC 5 : Operation Harri Capsule by Pozitive Positive

“A brain storming session based on 18th edition of Harrison”
A Crash course for AIIMS/PGI MAY 2014
POZITIVE-P.G.Medical entrance exam training centre-Chennai,Madurai,Tirunelveli

AIIMS PGI Crash Course at Chennai : OHC 5 : Operation Harri Capsule by Pozitive Positive

AIIMS PGI Crash Course at Chennai : OHC 5 : Operation Harri Capsule by Pozitive Positive

OHC- 5 -Packages

  • Class room discussion
  • 1. 18th edition of Harrison based discussion in depth-100 hrs
  • 2. SPM/Ophthalmology (Post Graduate level discussion)-6hrs each
  • 3. Quality Microbiology, Pharmacology, Dermatology
  • 4. Recent Advances(Entrance exam oreinted)-6hrs
  • 5.Grey Zones-tough topics which needs clarification-eg-ABG-2 hrs
  • 6.Exciting 18th- Discussion of entrance exam oreinted new points only, from 18th edition of Harrison -6hrs
  • Study materials
  • 1. Operation Harri Capsule -Book
  • 2. POSIGOLD – XL Book (Collection of AIIMS, 2001 to 2013 Questions & Answers)
  • 3. MKT Book (Must Know Tables Book)
  • 4. SPM/OPTHAL books
  • 5. Operation Harri book(1st edition)-for the 1st 50 registrations only.(special category-excluded)
  • Exams:
  • – 6 Operation Harri Exams
  • -1 PGI based exam
  • – FOLLOW UP –EXAMS-AIIMS based Model Exams-4-POLES(Positive OnLine Exam Series) AIIMS MAY 2014 Mock Exam-This will be scheduled after the course and closer to AIIMS MAY 2014 Exam.Duration of Exam is only 21/2 hrs to make Time Management in the main exam very easy!!!
  • Snacks &Tea daily


  • • SPOT REGISTRATION-12 days sessions + Exams +Study materials = Rs.20,000(twenty thousand)
  • • Application form Charges- Rs 240(two hundred and forty)
  • One for every one [evidence of proof should be provided]
  • Special Category offer for(only till Feb 15)
  • * CRRI/Student
  • * Medal Students
  • * POZITIVE Alumini
  • * OHC Alumini
  • *OFFER Stage-1 -Registration till February 15th
  • • Rs.9600(nine thousand six hundred)
  • • For the Special Category offer = Rs.6900(Six thousand nine hundred)
  • OFFER Stage-2-Registration from Feb 15th-Feb24th
  • ● Rs.12,300(Twelve thousand three hundred)
  • OFFER Stage -3 –Registration from Feb 24th-March 4th
  • ● Rs.15,000(Fifteen thousand)

Mode of Registration and Fee Payment

  • *Fees Can be paid either by DD/Cheque/Online Transfer-DD/Cheque in favour of POSITIVE-(payable at Chennai)
  • *On line transfer details-
  • *Address DD/Cheque has to be sent- POSITIVE-18/94 Treasure island Complex,Pantheon Road-Egmore-Chennai
  • *REGISTRATION-From 8-1-2014
  • *For further details-9715610411


  • OHC Programme Duration(hrs)
  • *SPM 5
  • *OPHTHAL 5
  • *RARE GEMS 2
  • *GREY ZONE 2
  • *PGI Model exam-1 21/2


  • Number of questions which can be answered from AIIMS MAY-2014 by attending OHC-5
  • Programmes at OHC 5 Number of questions from AIIMS MAY-2014(overlap might be there)
  • POSI GOLD-AIIMS Model examinations-3(Previous 5 years questions collections-ALL INDIA,AIIMS) 50
  • OPHTHAL(Of M.S.Ophthal P.G. standard) 7
  • SPM-Statistics,Recent Health Programmes 7
  • Recent advances(all subjects) 3-4
  • Rare Gems,Grey zone 3-4
  • POSITIVE Potentials 3-4
  • Exciting 18th 10
  • Total questions in AIIMS My 2014 140(approx.)

Details of various programmes at OHC-5


  • *A brain storming session based on 18th edition of Harrison. It will be an absolute interactive session which will cover Harrison Text book/OPERATION HARRI Book in depth.
  • * MISSION-To make you answer any question asked from Harrison in AIIMS May 2014 confidently!
  • *Numbers of questions in AIIMS May-2014 it targets-100
  • OHC-EVIDENCE BASED-a tough question from AIIMS NOV- 2013 which was discussed in OHC-4
  • Which of the following is not a cause of acquired pure red cell aplasia (AIIMS NOV-2013) (AIIMS NOV2013)
  • A) ABO incompatability in BMT
  • B) Drug induced-NSAIDS
  • In adults, PRCA is acquired.
  • * Immunologic-Systemic lupus erythematosus, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.
  • * Virus-Persistent B19 parvovirus, hepatitis, adult T cell leukemia virus, Epstein-Barr virus.
  • * Drugs-phenytoin, azathioprine, chloramphenicol, procainamide, isoniazid, Erythropoietin.*
  • * Parvo virus B19
  • ANS B

B.OPTHAL-standard fit for M.S.Ophthal P.G.(5hrs)

  • *As you all will agree ,one of the tougher topics in any AIIMS PG entrance exam will be Ophthalmology. To counter act that we have roped in this session.The discussion will be of the standard for a M.S.Ophthal Post graduate.This is on the assumption that your basics in Ophthal is solid!(Basics will not be discussed)
  • *MISSION-To capture the tough nuts in Ophthal and to tilt the balance in your favour!
  • *Numbers of questions in AIIMS May-2014 it targets-5

C.SPM-Statistics,Recent Health programmes(5 hrs)

  • *Number of questions asked from statistics might be 1-2,at the maximum 3-4 only.POZITIVE considers this as one of the MORALE BOOSTERS in the exam hall(the other one being, questions on ABG)If you are able to crack these questions in the exam hall comfortably, your confidence level in the exam hall will become sky high and this will rub on to the questions from other subjects also and that is the one which will decide TOPPERS!
  • *Mission-Morale Boosters
  • *Numbers of questions in AIIMS May-2014 it targets-5

D.Recent Advances(6hrs)

  • *This should be read as Recent and ADVANCES.We will be trying to target the recent developments in each subject which are absolutely entrance exam oriented and we will deal with the’’ advanced’’topics in various subjects(ex-genes involved,which might not be recent)
  • *MISSION-To give you the cutting the edge in the examination
  • *Numbers of questions in AIIMS May 2014 it targets- 3-4(Toppers are decided from these questions only)

E.Grey ZONE(2hrs)

  • *We have named it ‘’Grey Zone’’ because these are topics which are very vague and it will need lucid explanations from the concerned Consultant(ex-ABG interpretation, Congenital adrenal hyperplasia,Renal tubular acidosis,to name a few)We have handpicked similar topics and tried to convert ‘’GREY”’ into BLACK&WHITE!
  • *Mission-To excise your Achilles tendon!
  • *Numbers of questions in AIIMS May 2014 it targets- 3-4

F.Rare Gems(2hrs)

  • *The question which prompted us to include this programme
  • Tree in bud appearance is seen in (AIIMS NOV-2010)
  • a)TB
  • b)pneumocystitis carini
  • c)CMV
  • D)Aspergillus
  • POZITIVE cannot forget this one because this was the one which robbed us from Getting the 1st rank in AIIMS NOV-2010.The 3rd rank was cornered by a POZITIVIAN.This particular question was not discussed in our programme. The 3rd rank student took a hazarded guess.When we discussed it after the exam,she told that she has not heard about this in TB,so she opted for the other choices and unfortunately was wrong.
  • This question also underlines one important entrance exam dictum- ‘’you should know everything regarding common diseases and salient points regarding rare topics’’
  • So we have chosen some important common topics and gone into the depth of them
  • MISSION-To make you a master of common topics in entrance exams
  • *Numbers of questions in AIIMS May 2014 it targets- 3-4

G.AIIMS MODEL EXAM -3-POLES (Positive OnLine Exam Series) mock exam

  • *We have 4 AIIMS Pattern exams after the programme. This will be scheduled closer to AIIMS MAY – 2014 EXAM.The one important difference is in the time duration .We have provided only 2 1/2hrs for each exam. 1 exam is completely based on questions from the 18th edition of HARRISON
  • *MISSION-To make time management in the main exam extremely easy!
  • * Numbers of questions in AIIMS May -2014 it targets-20-25
  • (Positive OnLine Exam Series) mock exam-Schedule
  • Starting Date(but ,the exams will be available on line till AIIMS MAY 2014) Positive OnLine Exam Series mock exam
  • 6-4-2014 1st
  • 13-4-2014 2nd
  • 20-4-2014 3rd
  • 27-4-2014 Exciting 18th exam(based only on the new points from the 18th edition of HARRISON)


  • *A series of test from day 6 of OHC
  • *25 Questions will be given from POSIGOLD Book(a collection of AI,AIIMS Questions from 2007-2013) along with the answer.Then what do we except from you?
  • *We expect you to write the year and the examination from which the question was asked from!
  • *Mission-Not to make you oriented with previous years questions,but to make you a master of it

I.Exciting 18th (6hrs)

  • *The fresh points from 18th will be discussed completely
  • *Mission-To make you in par with anybody in the country and to outsmart them!
  • Sample question from AIIMS NOV-2013 Discussed in OHC 4
  • Recently approved by FDA for treatment of lennox- gestaut SYNDROME (AIIMS NOV2013)
  • A. lacosamide
  • B. rufinamide
  • C. zonisamide
  • D. levetiracetam
  • And b
  • REF-OHC book page-160(Exciting 18th)
  • Rufinamide used in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
  • * Side effects
  • * Sedation
  • * Fatigue
  • * Dizziness
  • * Ataxia
  • * Headache
  • * Diplopia,(QT interval prolongation)
  • * Rufinamide-interactions
  • * Level increased by valproic acid
  • * May increase phenytoin

For Outstation Candidates

Name of the Hotel / Lodging House Distance From Venue Single Room Non AC Rs per day Double Room Non AC Rs per day Single Room AC Rs per day Double Room AC Rs per day Contact Details
Damien Foundation Course Venue 400< 400 1000 1000 914428193244
Hotel Ashoka 1km 1350 1700 1650 2000 044-28553377
Hotel Central Tower 2 km 1350 1500 1700 1950 044 25389988
Tamilnadu Tourism 2km 500 750
Chennai Stays 0.5 km 044 42148196 9884126633

• The above details are given just for guidance and stay has to be arranged separately.

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