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Increase of PG Seats is confirmed by MCI Official Release !!!

Dear Doctors,

Great News to all PG Aspirants

The வருமா, வராதா !!வரும் ஆனா வராது !!! speculation about increase in number of  PG Seats has at last been confirmed 🙂 🙂
As per an official MCI Release, Seats are increasing across most specialities

TargetPG has tabulated the list at http://www.targetpg.in/exams/trivia/others/mci

Update : Click here for TNPG 2010 Rank. General Rank, Service Rank, Community Rank, Service Community Rank


  1. thanks a lot to targetpg..

  2. thanks you very much sir

  3. tis increase in seats is for tamilnadu r all india?

  4. in how many states they hav increase the seats nd how much for tamilnadu?

  5. hi ,thanks a lot sir ……. dat means til wat rank can we expect masters in clinicals dis time…….?

  6. dr.esaivani says

    will the seats be considered for first round of counselling in aipge? when will these seats come into effect

  7. thanks a lot sir…in dis how ll b alloted for tn.

  8. Dr mohan says

    Sir, how many seats hav been increased in assam state gov medical collegese? Please post details. Thanx

  9. vasudevan says

    very happy to know the confirmed news, sir……thanks for information…

  10. Thanks a bunch for notifying all the doctors !!!

  11. yes rkv seats have increased for tamilnadu and al india both

  12. esalvani the seats will b considered only in the 2nd aipge counselling as they will come to effect only by the end of dis month

  13. vikas aggrawal says

    how sure are you about the increase in Pg seats before they confirm the good news

  14. thank u jyoti any idea abt the time of release of merit list….

  15. thank u sir for tis information ,v eagerly waiting………….

  16. can I able to see md merit list

  17. howmany diploma seats jncreased sir…………….

  18. does anyone have a copy of the press release.. i don’t find it in MCI website

  19. vasudevan says

    what abt md general medicine seat matrix , sir ?

  20. vasudevan says

    any idea abt merit list sir………….?

  21. sir,hw many medical pg seats are increased in kerala?

  22. will the increased seats be implemented by 2nd counselling?

  23. kindly I request you intimate rank list for pg md or diploma

  24. sir, there is lot of speculation about the increase in MD/MS and diploma seats for this academic year. Even though MCI has confirmed the hike, there is no official release about exact number of seats in each college. please let us know if the seats r going to be added in the second round of counselling for AIPGE and exact number of seats to be added.

  25. Can u please provide a similar list for All of India and not just TN????

  26. TNPG 2011
    Best of luck TO all

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