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User Voice : MCI Restructuring of MBBS Curriculum : Regarding MCI Proposals

From Dr.Vtharavath’s Mail to TargetPG Google Group Please note : We are of the opinion that this information has to reach the medicos urgently.  We will discuss the issues one by one in separate threads in the coming days. Till then, do read all these and be aware of what is going to happenning in your profession TargetPG […]

‘MBBS must clear exit test to practise’

From http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/MBBS-must-clear-exit-test-to-practise/articleshow/6574155.cms NEW DELHI: Those intending to become doctors and treat patients may soon have to clear a common exit test after getting the MBBS degree from medical colleges. The regulating body, Medical Council of India (MCI), has given a statutory recommendation for a mandatory exit test, which is under active consideration of the health […]

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