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User Voice : MCI Restructuring of MBBS Curriculum : Regarding MCI Proposals

From Dr.Vtharavath’s Mail to TargetPG Google Group

Please note : We are of the opinion that this information has to reach the medicos urgently.  We will discuss the issues one by one in separate threads in the coming days. Till then, do read all these and be aware of what is going to happenning in your profession


Dear Sir

I request your good self to go through the attached files before attending the IMA-MCI meeting tomorrow.

While studying the MBBS restructuring proposal by MCI, one can very well see that there is a deliberate attempt from the part of MCI to make the future MBBS course almost equivalent to that of BRHC Course. Also kindly go through the syllabus of Pharm-D Course conducted by Rajiv Gandhi University. Please go through the contents of the various subjects shown in the syllabus. I have quoted some of the relevant subjects from their syllabus in this mail. Please don’t look at the name of the subject and conclude. I am sure you will understand the situation of an MBBS doctor in the future. I once again request you to, at least, go through the contents of the subjects  given in the attached file-“pharm_d-syllabus.pdf”- which I have mentioned in this letter, before the IMA-MCI meeting tomorrow.  Evaluate to what depth the Pharm-D student will study about the diseases and its managements. One cannot expect the entire MBBS graduates will get an opportunity to do Post graduation. So in front of a Pharm-D doctor, an MBBS doctor will be nothing when the knowledge is compared.

Also I have given few suggestions in the second file-“my suggestions”- which can be considered during the restructuring of the MBBS curriculum. Please don’t support the proposed suggestion by MCI which will definitely degrade our profession.
In the future the old MBBS of four and half years and the new proposed MBBS of three and half years will not be having any distinction. They will be considered as same. Hence if the MCI decides to carry on with the present proposal, then the name of the proposed MBBS has to be changed and I suggest to call it as

MBBS (LE) —LE means Least Edition or Lower Edition

Also the following points may be noted:

The current doctor population ratio in India and in some of the other countries are given by the MBBS restructuring proposal and is given below:

The current doctor population ratio in India is 1:1700 when compared to a world average of 1.5: 1000. The committee came to a consensus that targeted doctor population ratio should be 1: 1000 by 2031.

Table 1 : Doctor population ratio around the world
Somalia 1:10,000 Singapore 1:714
Pakistan 1:1,923 Japan 1:606
Egypt 1:1,484 Thailand 1:500
China 1: 1,063 UK 1:469
Korea 1:951 USA 1:350
Brazil 1:844 Germany 1:296

But it is not clearly specified whether the number of doctors in other braches of medicines like Ayush, Homeo,Sidha etc are counted while preparing this table ! ! If not, it is a disgrace to those doctors working in other  braches of medicines as it means that only the modern medicine doctors are capable of serving the patients effectively…..

If one compare other countries and blindly adopt the systems and statistics there, then the other branches of medicines like Ayush,Homeo, Sidha etc. must be banned in India as these branches of medicines are not allowed in most of these countries ….Why can’t we adopt that set up too???

So I request you to take necessary steps to save our profession and our community. Kindly go through the attached files..




  1. Dr.Sushama says

    Main problem is that our friends are not aware of or they are reluctant to indulge in these kinds of matters which they consider as not related to them… This attitude of our community has to be changed by any means…our friends wait for problems to reach on their lap…By that time it will be too late…So please urge our friends to wake up from their unwise sleep…



  2. Anil Kumar.K says

    Please see the link below and the question under Readers Responses


    “Q. Are we short of doctors in India?

    A. The MCI has been spreading false scare in order to push up its case for the BRHC course conceived by the health Minister. The facts are as follows:

    The current MCI chief, Dr. Sarin has stated as follows: “We assessed that the country needs about seven lakh doctors. Even if we increase our current intake from current 35,000 to 50,000 it will be 2031 when we would be able to meet the target. We can’t wait that long”. http://edunews.successcds.net/union–govt–cancels–the–2011–national–common–medical–entrance-test-1363.html#more-363
    Seven lakh doctors for 1.25 billion population means 1 doctor per 1714 population, while the availability of doctors in India in July 2005 as per MCI data, revealed by the then Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Panabaka Lakshmi, was 1:781 (1:1,722 if only allopathic doctors were considered). http://www.financialexpress.com/news/doctorpopulation-ratio-stands-at-11-722/139…
    It is obvious that Dr. Sarin has goofed up his figures. It is also obvious that he has a bias against non-allopathic systems of medicine for which the MOH has a separate department and which are fully legal and constitutional and for which a huge amount of tax payers’ money is spent. The MCI has no right to dismiss or wish away the ISM.
    Conclusion: There is no shortage of doctors in India. It is well known to health specialists that a nation’s health depends not so much on the doctor: population ratio as upon the doctor: nurse ratio and the improvement of infrastructure (bed: population ratio; transport; communication; alleviation of hunger; increase in health budget; provision of clean water and sanitation etc.). The remedy lies in giving incentives to doctors to work in rural areas by providing proper living and working conditions for doctors in such areas and providing them adequate opportunities for career development. An embargo should be put on opening medical colleges or higher institutes in urban areas. Even the existing medical colleges in urban areas can be shifted to rural areas. This would raise lot of revenue for the government. Land would be available cheap or free in rural areas and the urban land thus vacated can be sold at a premium. The staff can be shifted en masse because they are under an obligation to work anywhere. Building new hospitals in rural areas will be a sure way of rural development. Existing hospitals attached to medical colleges can be sold to private corporate sector at high premium, just like off–loading the Nav Ratna industries. All this is eminently practicable. Dr. Sarin and his team, who are all eminent doctors, certainly know the basics of health. They are doing a disservice to the profession and the country by spreading false information in order to tout the political and individual whims of the health minister. The IMA ought to strongly protest against this to the PM, the HM and the MCI, asking for immediate withdrawal of the wrong and motivated statement of the MCI chief. Regards: Dr MC Gupta”

    • Vtharavath says

      Dear all

      First of all the doctors must be provided with security measures from the attacks of clinics and hospitals which is a usual event happening in the rural areas. Most of the doctors are reluctant to work in the rural areas without proper security. This is the prime factor, which prevents the doctors from practicing in the rural areas.



  3. Dr A Galib says

    Core issues:
    1. MBBS doctors have no issues in working in rural areas. You have to provide them with basic residential facilities, and minimum infrastructure to run a PHC.
    2. Salary needs to be at par as Grade A officers for central/state government schemes.
    3. If possible fooding, transport should also be looked into.

    Dr A S G

  4. Dr A Galib says

    4. The doctor patient ratio is not the only factor determining healthcare standards.
    5. Nurses needs to be increased.
    6. Proper beds, wards, medicines and basic amenities are a must.
    7. Paramedics also need to be increased.

    Otherwise u will keep increasing doctors and the entire healthcare system in rural areas will go haywire.
    8. Avoid corruption at all costs.

  5. Vtharavath says

    Dear all

    First of all the doctors must be provided with security measures from the attacks of clinics and hospitals which is a usual event happening in the rural areas. Most of the doctors are reluctant to work in the rural areas without proper security. This is the prime factor, which prevents the doctors from practicing in the rural areas.



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