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User Voice : From Vtharavath : What made govt to dissolve MCI

Dear Sir. You can understand why and for what the govt has taken the advantage of allegations on Dr Desai to dissolve the MCI.There was no need of dissolving MCI on the basis of the allegations on Dr.Desai. The Govt should have taken legal actions against him rather than dissolving the MCI. The following paragraph […]

User Voice : From Dr.Vtharavath : PG Restructuring

http://mciindia.org/tools/announcement/PG-medical-education.pdf From the restructuring proposal for PG Courses by MCI which is given in the above link, every thing seems to be ok except the following things which I will quote below: From the proposal of PG restructuring, page No: 4, it is given as follows: “Entrance examination for the postgraduate courses: Once approved the […]

User Voice : From Dr.Vtharavath : D Pharm Pharm D going to replace doctors

User Voice : From Dr.Vtharavath : D Pharm Pharm D going to replace doctors -oOo- A speech by a senior official of IPA forced me to write this article: I request you to spend few minutes for reading this article. Is there anybody clearly aware of the PharmD course? If not, here are some points […]

User Voice : From Dr.Vtharavath : D-Pharm / Pharm D / BRMS / BRHC. Who is superior ??

Dear Sir I believe that it is the proper time to discuss the future of our profession as the situations are slowly revealed from the proposal of MBBS restructuring. While all other braches in the health sector is trying to grab more and more share in the health sector and there by trying to establish […]

User Voice : From Dr.Vtharavath : New MCI Proposals

http://mciindia.org/tools/announcement/UG-medical-education.pdf http://mciindia.org/tools/announcement/PG-medical-education.pdf It is seen from the proposals that there is a deliberate attempt to degrade and reduce the significance of MBBS and make equivalent to that of BRHC courses in the future. Hence the authority believes that there wont be much objections or resistance for the introduction of BRHC course in the proposed community […]

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