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User Voice : From Dr.Vtharavath : New MCI Proposals


It is seen from the proposals that there is a deliberate attempt to degrade and reduce the significance of MBBS and make equivalent to that of BRHC courses in the future. Hence the authority believes that there wont be much objections or resistance for the introduction of BRHC course in the proposed community medical colleges where ever and when ever the authority or the politicians desires.

From the proposed restructuring of MBBS curriculum the following defects and modifications suggested.

1. It is seen from the proposal that the total course duration has reduced from 5.5 years to 5 years. What ever be the modifications, reducing the course duration will definitely will spoil quality of MBBS Degree and degrade the reputation of the profession. So it is suggested that the duration may be increased to 6.5 years by including more subjects like the following (Otherwise what is the difference between MBBS and BRHC courses? Out o the five years six months is for the proposed electives. So effectively there will be only four and half years duration for the MBBS course including the internship.)

2. With the proposed as well as the current MBBS curriculum, the graduate after MBBS will become only a technician. But it is not at all sufficient in the present day’s scenario. An MBBS graduate must be aware of management concepts which help him to manage the patients well and the hospitals and clinics. This will enable the doctor to deal the patients well and provide them better health care.

3. An MBBS graduate must be aware of the legal aspects regarding his profession. Hence some legal papers should be included in the MBBS curriculum. This will provide confidence to the doctor and he will be aware of his duty and other legal aspects so that possibility of committing purposeful mistakes can be avoided during the profession.

This will create an atmosphere for better health care.

4. The proposed electives must be avoided as this will create doctors with different knowledge or awareness at the first consulting points where there should not be any distinction, which a common patient may not be aware of. If it is a mandatory item, then can be included as the common subject and increase the duration of the course by six months to a total of seven years.

5. The test before licensing to practice must be avoided or it should be restricted only for MBBS graduates (It is a National Exit Exam). Or else it indicates that even after restructuring the MBBS curriculum, MCI is not confident about the quality of MBBS graduates. Then there is no point in restructuring the MBBS curriculum???

If it is allowed it is quite clear that those who can pass the license test will be eligible for the general practice in the future!!! There by the BRHC people will also be allowed to appear for the license test…

If a BRHC person is able to pass the license test, then no one can oppose their GP as a doctor… It is also noted that the proposed conversion of the district hospital in to a community medical college is to facilitate the conduction of the BRHC course where ever the authority desires.

The above points no: 1 and no: 5 have to be read together..,.


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