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User Voice : From Dr.Vtharavath : PG Restructuring


From the restructuring proposal for PG Courses by MCI which is given in the above link, every thing seems to be ok except the following things which I will quote below:

From the proposal of PG restructuring, page No: 4, it is given as follows:

“Entrance examination for the postgraduate courses: Once approved the entrance examination can be commenced with phase one for the new batch of MBBS students being admitted to the course in July 2011. This plan for the entrance to Post graduation can be mentioned in the brochure of MBBS. They will take the first professional examination 1 & 2 in 2012 & 2013 and the National Exit Exam step1 examinations in 2015 & Step 2 at completion of internship. Till such time the batch of MBBS students admitted in 2011 reach internship the old scheme of examination for admission to the PG courses would continue.”

In the page No: 8, it is given that

Note: Both the exit exams will be necessary for licensure to practice independently &  MCI registration.”

It is understood from the proposal that the exit exams at step I (at the end of IV year MBBS) and step II (after the internship) will be completed by the MBBS graduate during his MBBS curriculum. That means the old MBBS graduates cannot be allowed for the admission to PG course under the new scheme. Presently any MBBS Graduate can attempt for PG admission at any time and as many number of times as he wants. An MBBS graduate might have joined or obtained MBBS Degree with that intention in his mind. But the present proposal will not provide that freedom to the present MBBS graduates in the future. So my request is to provide a parallel path of admission to the old MBBS graduates to the PG course. Because, the entire old MBBS Graduates will not be vanished from the earth on one fine morning. So please don’t launch them in to the Bay of Bengal with the new Rocket proposal.

Then my question is:

1. Will the students admitted for MBBS course from the year 2009 get enough opportunity to attempt for the MD Courses?

2. Will the old MBBS graduates be allowed to admit in the PG Courses under the new method of entrance to PG course?

3. How many attempts will be allowed for old MBBS graduates for the admission to PG Courses under the old Scheme?

Also in the page no:4 under the head:

“Program evaluation of the proposed new format course

3. Level IV evaluation (impact) evaluation: After 6-7 Years

a. Evaluate impact of this course on specialist pool, community health, rural and

urban specialists distribution and other effects on the human health system”

Everything seems to be ok till the point No: 2, .But the above sentence shows the lack of confidence of MCI about the results and the products of the restructured system. That means the specialist doctors coming out for six to seven years are only the “guinea pigs” for the MCI to implement new systems in the medical field ! ! !

Please look in to this matter and avoid the possible hard ships to the existing MBBS graduates. Otherwise the rocket model of medical education will be questioned and may fall in to the Bay of Bengal as usual in the case of our space research organization…..



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