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PG/Medical Admission 2011/ 1042 /2012 11
May 2011
Admission Notice

1. Application in the prescribed form are invited for admission to the Superspeciality Courses
(DM/ Mch) Application forms (along with relevant rules applicable) will be available at Room
no-19 office of the Gujarat University,on payment of Rs. 500/- each as per programme
shown in Para No.25 (Old forms are invalid)
2. The application form should be submitted IN PERSON ONLY BY THE CANDIDATE
HIMSELF/HERSELF and before submission, should be completed in all respects in every
details. No alteration or addition, will be permitted later on. Every candidate will be issued a
receipt when he/she submits his/her application form in person. This must be preserved for all
future references including entrance test & interview and produce when asked for.The
application must be attached with duly certified copies of required documents as per
mentioned in the notice. None of the accompaniments will be returned. All original
certificates, the copies of which are attached to the application form must be brought at the
time of interview for verification. Last date of acceptance of completely filled in application
form with entrance examination fee receipt is as per the programme shown in para No25–
Entrance Examination Fee Rs. 3000/- will be accepted at Room No.20, Ground Floor,
Gujarat University Office, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad upto 4-00 p.m. on working days,
except the recess period.
Superspeciality Prior Requirement (PG degree)
1 D.M.Br. I-Neurology M.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Pediatrics)
2 D.M.Br. II -Cardiology M.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Pediatrics)
3 D.M.Br. III-Nephrology M.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Pediatrics)
4 D.M.Br. IV-Oncology M.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Pediatrics)
5 D.M.Br. V-Gastro-Enterology M.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Pediatrics)
6 M.Ch.Br. I-Neurosurgery M.S. (General Surgery)
7 M.Ch.Br. II-C.T. Surgery M.S. (General Surgery)
8 M.Ch.Br. III-Genitourinary Surgery M.S. (General Surgery)
9 M.Ch Br. IV-Plastic Surgery M.S. (General Surgery)
10 M.Ch.Br. V-Gastro-enterology Surgery M.S. (General Surgery)
11 M.Ch.Br. Vl-Oncosurgery M.S.(GeneralSurgery),orM.S.(E.N.T.),orM.S.(Orthopae
dics),M.S/MD (Obst & Gynec)
12 M.Ch.Br. Vll-Paediatric Surgery M.S. (General Surgery)2
3. He/She must be an Indian National. He/she must be medically fit.
4. The candidates must have completed the MCI recognized M.D./M.S. or equivalent course in
concerned subject as mentioned below at the time of submission of application & should have
to produce MD/ MS. passing certificate/Mark-sheet at time of submitting Application Form,
failing which candidate will not be eligible for admission.
5. A candidate should have obtained permanent Registration and additional Registration with
Medical Council of India or Gujarat Medical Council within one month from the date of his/her
admission, failing which the admission of candidate shall be cancelled and will not be eligible to
apply in future.
6. A candidate who is currently engaged in M.Ch. /D.M. studies in Gujarat University or any other
University or equivalent body is not eligible. On completion of the course he/she becomes eligible
(completion of course means passing of course examination.)
7. A candidate who, in the past, selected and admitted to any M.Ch/D.M course of this or any other
University or equivalent body and did not complete that course (completion of course means passing
of course examination ), is not eligible.
8. If any of the statements made in the application form or any information / document supplied by the
candidate in connection with his/her application for admission is later on found to be false or incorrect
or misguiding or if it is found that the candidate has concealed any information / fact in connection with
his/her application, his/her admission shall be cancelled without any notice thereof, fees forfeited and
he/she may be expelled and prosecuted. A candidate who had applied earlier to this University and
who was disqualified because of reasons as mentioned above also be ineligible for the admission.
9. A candidate who is graduate of a University other than Gujarat University should have to submit
provisional eligibility certificate (P.E.C.) from Gujarat University within one month from the date of his/her
admission, failing which the admission of candidate shall be cancelled and will not be eligible to apply in
10 The DM/Mch, superspecialities admission will be given as per marks obtained at Entrance
Examination. The entrance examination will be of 400 (Four hundred marks) which will
have 200 multiple choice questions to be answered within 3.0 hours.
11 The examination shall be conducted in English medium only. There will be one paper of 3
hours duration for D.M/ M.Ch. courses containing 200 multiple choice questions (MCQs) There is no
provision for rechecking/re-evaluation of the answer sheets and no query in this regard will
be entertained.
12 The candidates are expected to take their seats 15 minutes before the commencement of the
examination then after he/she will not be allowed into examination hall. Please note that the candidate
will not be allowed entry into the examination hall without valid identify card in original. No candidate
shall be allowed to the leave the examination hall before the end of 3 (three) hours. Question paper
(even if unanswered) must be returned before leaving the examination hall.
13 The candidate shall maintain silence and attend to their papers only. Any disturbance in the
examination hall shall be deemed as misbehavior and the candidate shall forfeit the right to
continue to write in the examination. The decision of the Centre Superintendent shall be final and
conclusive. Cellular Phones, Pagers, Calculators etc. are strictly prohibited in Examination Hall.
Canvassing directly or indirectly for the allotment of seats or adjustments thereafter would
disqualify the candidates for admission on the basis of this examination, influencing the staff by
unfair means would lead to serious consequences for all concerned. The candidates or their
relatives visiting University office/offcials for seeking change of the allotment would face
disqualifying, since such visits would be treated as trespassing. 3
14 No. candidate shall be allowed to carry any textual material, printed or written, bits of papers or any
other material except the Identity card (without envelop) inside the hall. If a candidate is found to be
copying/conversing with other candidates/to have in his/her possession papers, notes or books
he/she shall be disqualified from taking that Examination and the next one or two such
Examinations according to the nature of offence and its intimation will be sent to the M.C.I./state
M.C. and the concerned Medical College for necessary action.
15 The questions will be single response objective type. Each answer with correct response shall be
awarded two marks. 1/2 mark will be deducted for each wrong response. Zero mark will be given for
the question not answered. More than one answer indicated against a question will be deemed as
incorrect response and will be negatively marked. It is responsibility of the student to do specific
prescribed mark against answered question failing which question will be deemed incorrect response
and be negative marked(wrong response)
16 These Merit Lists will be placed on the Website of Gujarat University (if Possible) at least 5 days
prior to the date of beginning of selection/admission.
17 Admission Committee of this University will decided the admission and placemen of these
candidates under particular postgraduate teacher. The candidate will be given a choice of subject
and college at his merit level. He will have to choose Registration with Residency out of the
available choices in different subjects & colleges at his merit level. No student shall be given
D.M/M.ch admission without Residency (or higher post).
18 The seats can be utilised in the same academic year only and vacancy in any one academic year
can not be utilised in subsequent academic year.
19 The selected and admitted candidate will have to join the course within stipulated time of 7 days of
admission. The admitted candidate must complete all the necessary formalities of joining the
course into the subject & college within seven days of admission.
20 All D.M / M.ch courses are full-time and the candidate shall not indulge in private practice or
employment of any nature (Part-time or full-time, paid or stipendiary or unpaid) during the
course. If the candidate is employed, he/she shall have to produce proof that he/she has left the
service or taken leave for full period of the course before he/she is given admission order. No
concession will be given regarding joining period of 7 days counted from the day of
selection/admission.If he/she fails to produce the above proof within 7 days, his/her admission
shall stand cancelled. (If the candidate is serving as Resident or Tutor or higher post in the same
specialty in the same dept. /college he may continue the post).
21 Selected and admitted candidate are required to pay the fees & execute the bond along with
solvency certificate / Bank guarantee etc. as per rules of concerned College / Institute into which
admission is given by the Gujarat University for the course, failing which their admission will be
cancelled without any notice and they will be debarred from applying in future.
22 Original documents as required, of admitted candidate will be retained by concerned authorty.
23. Gujarat University Fee: Admission Fee———Rs. 25000/–
Tuition Fee————–Rs. 5000/– per Term
Registration Fee—— Rs. 100/-
Cultural Fee————–Rs. 48/-
The above fee is to be submitted on the date of counseling immediately after the candidate has
consented for the admission on available seat, for which draft of Rs.30148/- (rupees thirty
thousand & one hundred forty eight) in favour of “The Registar, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
should be brought by the candidate at time of counseling. Non submission of fee at time of
accepting the seat will be deemed to be as a non-acceptance of the admission by the candidate
on the available seats. The fee is non-refundable. 4
24. Following documents must be annexed & labeled as per “Annexure No.”
Accompaniments (List of documents) attested by gazetted officer
1. Mark Sheets of all attempts of MD/MS Exam Annexure 1
2. Attempts certificate of MD/MS. Exam. Annexure 2
3. Passing certificate of MD/MS. Exam. Annexure 3
4. Mark Sheets of all attempts of Final M.B.B.S. Annexure 4
5. Attempt certificate of final M.B.B.S. Annexure 5
6. Birth Certificate / School Leaving / Passport for age proof. Annexure 6
7. Certificate of Registration for P.G.Degree with respective State
Medical Council / Medical Council of India. In case of non-availability
this certificate, a certificate from the Dean of Medical college from
where the MD/MS degree is obtained, certifying by him/her that the
candidate’s MD/MS course is recognized by MCI.
Annexure 7
8. Good standing certificate from the Head of the Institute Where
he/she studied for.
Annexure 8
9. Two self address envelope with postage stamp. Annexure 9
25. Programme:

I/C Registrar
Copy with Compliment to;
1. The Dean/P.G. Director of Medical Colleges.
2. The Dean, Medical Faculty, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
Availability of Admission Forms 23/05/2011 to 02/06/2011 4.00 pm
Last date of acceptance of completed
application form along with entrance
examination fee
02/06/2011 4.00 pm
Declaration of candidates list for
Entrance Examination &Examination
Entrance examination 14/06/2011
Declaration of result of qualifying
examination/ entrance examination
By 15th June
round of counseling/ admissions 08/07/2011
Last date for joining the allotted college
and course
16th July

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