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General TNPSC selection list : counselling on 29th 30th november

General TNPSC selection list : counselling on 29th 30th november. . . 1.if already in service as 10a1 Service will be counted from date of appointment as 10a.1. 2.Those doctors already working under 10 a 1 in mobile medical units and selected by general tnpsc please opt for phc postings 3. Please make sure your service register starts with your appointment under 10a1


  1. sir , there are some mbbs doctors posted under ten a 1 as tutors in non clinical subjects in dharmapuri medical college …
    these people have been selected in general tnpsc as well … will they be retained there itself or posted at phc s ?

  2. Respected Bruno sir,

    Thank u for the valuable information u provide on this site.

    Sir, as the counseling for General TNPSC is scheduled on 29th and 30th November, 2010, will they be putting up a list of the vacancies in the PHCs in Tamilnadu..? Where can we get that information as it will be essential for counseling.

    I am doing my PG – Micro as a private candidate sir. I have been called for counseling in TNPSC. I have a doubt. When people join PHCs and work for two years to be eligible for a PG seat, is it apt on my part to leave a PG seat and join service… ? Kindly tell me ur opinion sir.

  3. Sir, i will be attending the councelling on 29,when will be the appointment order given and when i will be able to join at the earliest? also i have master degree in my speciality.so where will i be appointed- DPH or DMS or DME side? pls let me know if anybody knows

  4. Sir, i am selected under speciality category

  5. When did you finish md

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