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Model Joining Report for 10 A 1 Candidates Selected by TNPSC – Posted to Different Station

For those who are posted to different  station

<Name of the Medical Officer>
Assistant Surgeon
Medical Officer
<HUD / District>

The Deputy Director of Health Service / Joint Director of Health Services
<HUD / District>

Respected Sir / Madam

Sub : Tamil Nadu Medical Services – Establishment – Dr.<Name> – Working under time Scale of Pay from <Date of Joining in Government Service> – Selected by TNPSC 2003-04 – Proposal for Regularisation – Regarding

Reference :

    1. R.No and Date of Appointment order by DPH
    2. R.No and Date of Appointment order by DMS (for those in GH)
    3. R.No and Date of Joining Report by DDHS / JDHS
    4. R.No and Date of Letter from TNPSC
    5. R.No and Date of Order Given by DPH
    6. R.No and Date of Relieving  Order by DDHS / JDHS
    7. R.No 41349/B2/2010-1 dated 09.11.2010 of Principal Secretary, H&FW, Government of Tamil Nadu,

I have been appointed on Regular Time Scale Service as per Reference 1cited above
I was allotted <Station> as per Reference 2 cited above
I duly joined Service on <Date of Joining in Service> which has been recorded in Reference 3 cited above

I have been selected by TNPSC 2003 – 2004 as per Reference 4 cited above
I have been the necessary order by my Appointing Authority as per Reference 5 cited above. In pursuance of reference 5 cites above, I have been relieved from my old station on <Date of Relieving> and instructed to join at my new station. Hence I am joining duty at the station mentionedon  <DOJ>

I am continuing in service from <Date of Joining in Service> without any break of service

As TNPSC has notified my selection, I humbly request you to kindly send the necessary proposals for regularization of my service with effect from <Date of Joining in Service> at the earliest

Thanking You

Yours obediently

Encl : Xerox Copies of documents cited above. (you can download the government clarification from http://goo.gl/auMQM)

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