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Tamil Nadu : TNPG 2011 : Urgent – Eligibility for Service Candidates – Maternity Leave EL/EOL with MC

We believe that a new order has been circulated from the DPH today (Jan 31,2011) regarding – considering the period of EL / EOL with MC leave as eligible for 2 years Service

We are not certain about the exact wordings, but would like you to get this confirmed from your DDHS

In case your application was previously rejected by the DDHS citing reason that leave period was ineligible, please refer to this order


  1. i have one doubt what is mean rural area service,, is it only for phc working drs,, or area belong to rural.. i mean for drs working in GH ,,WHICH BELONG TO RURAL AREA,, PLEASE REPLY ME

  2. i am working in government hospital as asst surgeon for the past two years, my gh locality is grama panchyat, my question is am i get 2 marks as rural service or not for this two years service,,

  3. If anyone get a clear idea about the “details” of the letter from DPH, please post it in this site. will be helpful to many.

  4. Dr.C.K.Gita says

    My son joined government service in GH, as 10A(1)on 11.09.2009. He applied medical leave from 01.12.2010 to 21.01.2011 due to illness, duly informing and producing MC.He joined duty on 22.01.2011 and continues.

    In the office they say that he is not eligible for any leave other than CL & duty off and so salary for the leave period can not be paid.

    I request you to clarify regarding the leave rules for 10A(1).If possible relevant GO may please be given.

  5. Dr.C.K.GITA says

    my son joined in GH as 10A(1 on 11.09.2009. He applied medical leave due to sudden illness from 1.12.2010 to 21.01.2011 duly informing and producing MC.

    In the office they say that he is not eligible for salary for the leave period.

    Please clarify whether he is eligible for earned leave for the period of his work from 11.09.2009.to 20.11.2010.

    Also give me details of the leave rules for 10A(1) if possible with GO

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