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Duties and Job Responsibilities of Professor / Associate Professor in Medical Colleges

Duties and Job Responsibilities of Professor / Associate Professor in Medical Colleges

Duties and Job Responsibilities of Professor / Associate Professor in Medical Colleges

Duties and Job Responsibilities of Professor / Associate Professor in Medical Colleges

Government of Tamil Nadu

Department of Health and Family Welfare

Directorate of Medical Education


Duties and Job Responsibilities of Various Cadres of Doctors in a Teaching Institution

Professor / Associate Professor


A) Duties related to Medical Education & Research (Academic duties):

  1. To perform all such duties [under the Statutory provisions of Medical College / Directorate of Medical Education / Department of Health and Family Welfare / The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University / Medical Council of India (MCI) , Nursing Council of India, Various Acts related to Medical Education, Medical Services and Public Health including acts related to allied specialities as to obtain & maintain the affiliation of the College and the attached Teaching Hospital to The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University and recognition of these Teaching institutions by MCI & Govt. of India for the purpose of conducting various medical/paramedical Undergraduate/Postgraduate courses ; thereby helping to establish and ensure the basic minimum standard of Medical Education & Research.
  2. To perform all such duties to ensure continued improvement in the quality of Medical Education & Research.

(i)             Teaching & training Undergraduate (MBBS) Medical students including Interns/ Postgraduate Medical students so as to achieve the Educational Objectives i.e. to develop their knowledge, skills & attitude.

(ii)           To do periodic evaluation / assessment of Undergraduate (MBBS) / Postgraduate Medical students by conducting their internal (College) examinations.

(iii)          To conduct Undergraduate & Postgraduate Medical Examinations of The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University

(iv)          To maintain attendance & academic (including Internship) record of individual medical student for the minimum period as stipulated by The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University

(v)           To work on the College Council , Undergraduate & Postgraduate Academic Committees , Medical Education Teaching Technology Cell , Library Committee of the College and to organise / participate in teaching programmes like Lectures / Tutorials/GroupDiscussions-Ward Clinics-Demonstrations/Practicals and other academic activities like Seminars / Symposia / Panel Discussions / Workshops / Guest Lectures / Conferences / Continuing Medical Education Programmes etc. and to maintain a Departmental Library for medical students as well as teaching staff.

(vi)          To participate in conduct of Medical Examinations of other State Health Universities / National Board as an External Examiner with the permission / under the direction of the Dean availing the facility of Special Leave ( the period being considered as “On Duty”) of not exceeding 14 days in an Calendar Year

(vii)        To undertake any task entrusted by MCI like working on “Inspection Committee” for inspection of Medical Colleges in other States with the permission of the Dean.

(viii)       To undertake any other task entrusted by The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University like working on “Local Inquiry Committee” for inspection of Medical Colleges.

(ix)          To conduct Research Projects – clinical research , clinical trials of drugs etc. and contribute to medical knowledge by scientific paper publications in indexed journals & their presentation at various local / state / international Conferences.

(x)           To work on various Research-related Committees like Ethics Committee , Research Society of the College.

(xi)          To work on various Students’ Welfare-related Committees like “Anti-Ragging Committee” and to enforce discipline among medical students.


B) Duties related to Teaching Hospital (Medical Relief / Patient Care – Clinical duties) :-


  1. To perform all such duties [under the Statutory requirements of various Acts applicable to Medical Practice [including but not limited to  “Indian Medical Council Act,1956”, “Code of Medical Ethics,2002” , “Consumer Protection Act,1986” , “Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules,1998 under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986”, “The Transplantation of Human Organs Act,1994”,“Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act,2003”,“Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act,1994”, “Drugs & Cosmetics Act,1940”] as to ensure reasonable, acceptable standard of patient care through efficient Health care delivery system.
  2. To perform all such duties to ensure continued enhancement in the quality of patient care through efficient Health care delivery system.

(i)             Complete management of a Full-time Unit including training & supervision of Residents, Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students in such a way that there is no “Medical Negligence” in patient care as a result of breach / violation / infringement of any Act / Code of Medical Ethics,2002 governing practice of Medicine bringing disgrace to the dignity of Medical Profession and / or to the reputation of the Medical College / Hospital. It is binding on any Full-time Medical Teacher to attend to Emergency cases as and when required even beyond duty hours.

(ii)           To issue Medical Certificates of various kinds like Under-treatment Certificate, Injury Certificate,Fitness Certificate, Disability Certificate, Certificate of Cause of Death

(iii)          If summoned, to appear in a Court of Law, as an Expert Witness, under intimation to the Dean or Medical Superintendent , in any patient-related case, with original hospital patient case records as required by the Court.

(iv)          To maintain records / reports of Medical Statistics concerning the Dept. and to provide the same as and when required by the Administration.

(v)           To suggest / recommend use of certain managerial tools / techniques / skills toupgrade the quality of patient care.

(vi)          Supervise the Work of Assistant Professors, Senior Residents, Tutors, Students

(vii)        To take classes in Out patient Clinics as well as during Ward Rounds while carrying out Patient Management

(viii)       To make Daily Rounds of all the cases admitted under his / her unit and give instructions to the Staff Nurses and Paramedical Workers


C) Administrative / Supervisory duties as a Professor / Associate Professor :-


  1. To perform all such duties under the Statutory provisions of various Acts that govern the service of any Employee of  Government of  Tamil Nadu [including, but not limited to The Fundamental Rules of the Tamil Nadu Government, Tamil Nadu State and Subordinate Services Rules, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission Regulations, 1954, Tamil Nadu Civil Services (Discipline And Appeal) Rules, Tamil Nadu Civil Services (Disciplinary Proceedings Tribunal) Rules 1955, The Tamil Nadu Government Servants’ Conduct Rules, 1973 ], “Right To Information Act,2005, etc. as adopted by the Government of Tamil Nadu from time to time as to enforce the ‘disciplined work culture’ resulting in efficient & effective functioning of the Department Personnel.
  2. To ASSIST THE HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT perform all such duties to ensure continued enhancement in the quality of performance of teaching as well as non-teaching staff of the Department.

(i)             Planning, proposing, processing the proposals , procuring & maintaining plant & machinery, equipments & instruments, Furniture & Fixtures (Dead Stock) and to maintain record of all such items in the custody of the Department.

(ii)           To work on various Hospital Committees like Local Tender Committee, Theatre Committee, Hospital Infection Control Committee ,Grievance Committee ,Sexual Harassment Committee etc.

(iii)          To exercise authority in Administrative control of the Department :

a)     To maintain ‘Personal Files’ of all teaching as well as non-teaching staff of the Dept.

b)    To recommend or refuse any kind of Leave (Casual Leave/Special Leave/Earned Leave to any staff member of the Dept. as per rules in that regard.

c)     To maintain Muster Roll of teaching as well as non-teaching staff of the Department; to conduct periodic audit of the timings of arrival / departure of the staff ; to mark any Sanctioned Leave or Absence Without Leave (AWL) – which is Unauthorised Absence – of the employee as the case may be and to report to the Competent Leave-sanctioning Authority i.e. Dean , any irregularity in attendance or punctuality in respect of a defaulting employee.

d)    To serve a memorandum to the undisciplined employee giving him / her a chance to improve.

e)     To write annual ‘Confidential Report’ ( Performance Appraisal / Work Audit) of the employees working in the Dept. as well as your own “Self Appraisal / Assessment” as per the guiding principles in that regard ; to inform the erring member about the adverse remarks, if any, immediately through a memorandum.

f)     To organise / conduct / encourage “Core Competency Development Programmes” for Faculty Development ; also training programmes for other non-teaching staff of the Dept.

g)     Whenever ordered by the higher authorities , to conduct “Preliminary Inquiry” into a particular untoward incidence or in respect of a particular employee and to submit report in time as per the rules in that regard.


D) General


  1. To exhibit keen interest , initiative & drive in the overall development of the Dept. and ‘Leadership Qualities’ for others to follow.
  2. He / She is expected to perform all the duties diligently with utmost sincerity and honesty.
  3. Any other duty/task/work assigned by any higher authority like Dean, Medical Superintendent, Head of the Department from time to time; either in “Public Interest” or in the interest of upkeep / development of the Department / Institutions.


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