Important Points about 10 A 1 Rules

The appointment of Doctors (as Medical Officers / Assistant Surgeon ) into Tamil Nadu Medical Services is usually done ONLY by TNPSC which is the only body authorized to appoint doctors. However, there is exception to this general rule vide Rule 10 A 1 of the The Tamil Nadu State and Subordinate Services Rules.

10 a(i) (1) where it is necessary in the public interest owing to an emergency which has arisen to fill immediately a vacancy in a post borne on the cadre of a service, class or category and there would be undue delay in making such appointment in accordance with these rules and the Special Rules, the appointing authority may temporarily appoint a person, who possesses the qualifications prescribed for the post otherwise that the accordance with the said rules.

Appointments made under this rule are called as 10 A 1 Appointments

These appointments are usually done by the DPH. The announcements regarding such appointments can be seen in 10 A 1 Appointments

Posts related to detailed description about the interpretation of the rule and the practical issues and comparison between TNPSC Appointment and 10 A 1 Appointments are listed below

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Difference between Special TNPSC and General TNPSC

Update : One of the users of this site, Dr.Senthil Kumar, writes to us sir , the hall tickets for tnpsc have come.. those in chennai and vellore have got it today… others would probably get it tomorrow Difference between Special TNPSC and General TNPSC WHAT IS THIS SPECIAL TNPSC Special TNPSC is an Exam […]

Counselling for Appointment under 10 A 1. More details at

More details at மருத்துவர்கள் அரசு பணியில் சேர கலந்தாய்வு செய்தி வெளியீடு எண்.58 நாள்.27.1.2009 மக்கள் நல்வாழ்வு மற்றும் குடும்ப நலத்துறை பத்திரிக்கை செய்தி தமிழ் நாட்டில் ஆரம்ப சுகாதார நிலையங்கள் மற்றும் அரசு மருத்துவமனைகளில் உள்ள மருத்துவ அலுவலர் காலிப் பணியிடங்கள் உடனுக்குடன் நிரப்பப்பட்டு வருகின்றன. மருத்துவர்களை தற்காலிக அடிப்படையில் நியமனம் செய்ய 15-10-2008 முதல் 20-10-2008 வரையிலும் 26-11-2008 முதல் 28-11-2008 வரையிலும் 22-12-2008 மற்றும் 23-12-2008 தேதிகளில் கலந்தாய்வு நடைபெற்று 853 […]

More doubts about 10 A 1 and TNPSC and clarifications at

In response to our previous post Doubts about 10 A 1 Counselling and General TNPSC Clarified at we have got the following questions sir,thank you for those explanations. a few more doubts .. if a 10 a 1 candidate passes this general tnpsc, will he be regularised on the basis of that ? (some […]

Doubts about 10 A 1 Counselling and General TNPSC Clarified at

We got the following mail dear dr.bruno, i have been following your posts in rxpg regarding tnpsc closely..thank you so much for all the info that you ve provided. my senior has been called for govt service under 10 a 1 (i do not know whether it is 10 a 1 or under relaxation of […]

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